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The Power in Keeping Your Promise

“The pathway to your greatest potential
is straight through your greatest fear.”

– John Davidson

John Davidson, Professional Keynote Speaker

We never know for certain how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have.

You see, life has a way of throwing us curveballs. And when that happened in my life, I had to step up to the plate and take on the challenge.

Knowing that one of my sons faced a life-threatening illness for which there is no cure – I faced the toughest decision of my life. Focusing on the problem, I decided to look closely, think deeply and to persist calmly.

It was then that I chose to leave behind the security of my job and the comfort of home to set out on an incredible 3300-kilometre journey pushing my son Jesse across Ontario in his wheelchair.

But that was just the beginning of the story.

Three years later I was still working on keeping my promise to my son, to find a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

And so, at the age of 52, I set out to walk across Canada, the biggest country in the world after Russia. I spent 286 days in a row on the road walking 33 kilometres a day. In those ten months my journey spanned six times zones as I walked more than 8300 kilometres. I was driven by inner strength and sheer determination.

In my time on the road, I never once dreamed that what I started would end up raising millions for medical research.

It was probably best that I didn’t think a lot about the enormous challenges I faced day after day. What I can tell you is that if I faced the same choice today, I would make the same decision – because quitting was never an option.

So here is the question. Do you want to leave a legacy, or do you want to live a legacy? And here’s a test to find out whether your mission in life is complete. If your alive – it isn’t.

Now, to bring value to you and your team, I share with audiences the lessons I learned during those difficult days on the road. I have been honoured to share our story with thousands of people, and very humbled to have consistently received a standing ovation.

The audiences I speak to are made up of people just like you. They are people who have been inspired and moved to a higher level of commitment based on the insights they have gained from my journey. In their role as leaders, they have been able to add a huge measure of determination to all that they do.

John's Running Shoes

One of the six pairs of running shoes John wore out in walking across Canada. This pair, marked # 1, is the pair he started with on day number one in Newfoundland and he put on again for the final day British Columbia.

My family emigrated from Scotland to Canada when I was two years old and now, I live in London, Ontario. My first career spanned 30-years in radio and television in London and with CBC Radio and Television in Vancouver. My second career, the one I hadn’t planned on, began to unfold in 1995 when I went from being a news reporter to a newsmaker.

Along life’s road, my son Jesse and I have received several honours, such as the Order of Ontario, the Government of Canada’s Meritorious Service medal, a Guinness Book World Record and an opportunity to meet Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

But real leadership isn’t about awards. It’s about doing what’s right. And it’s about keeping your promise. Let’s talk!

Here’s what I learned…

  • Always begin with the end in mind. Do your research. Make your progress measurable on the road to your goal. And then – you must make a start!
  • Be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone. Growth and expansion are not found in the comfort zone. To put it another way, no one steals second base while keeping a foot on first base.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who won’t always agree with you, but, who want to see you succeed. Realize that you have to be the strongest link in that chain of positive people.
  • Persevere. Keep making the necessary adjustments as you move closer to your goal and you can see it taking shape. Strive to fulfill the view you had at the beginning even if the result is not identical to your original vision. Ignore the critics and never give up.
  • Become a great listener. Learn that listening is more than waiting for your turn to talk. Deep listening without judgement leads to strong relationship building.
  • When you fall on your face (and you will), just consider it feedback. No self-pity. Just get right back up and at it again.
  • Make sure that you finish what you start. It is a real accomplishment in the changing fortunes of time. When you complete something, people can never take that away from you. And then – move on to your next project.

When the going gets tough, you have to be the strongest link in the chain.

Applause & Client List

“Compelling and inspiring… a dedicated father demonstrates how a powerful commitment can make a difference.”

Lloyd Robertson
Former CTV National News Anchor

“This is a true blood, sweat and tears adventure! We all should jump out of bed in the morning and ask ourselves ‘how can I inspire others moving forward as John has done.'”

Bill Johnson – Former CEO
McDonald’s restaurants of Canada

“John’s keynote message of determination and his great story telling skill in encouraging people to develop a ‘stick with it attitude’ was a perfect fit for Domino’s. Our people felt they were a part of the ‘journey’ as they learned the true meaning of perseverance. They could feel the energy that was harnessed in building a winning team.”

Ken Sewchand
Dominos Pizza

“Our members and guests were very impressed! John’s keynote was extremely well done! Jesse was a remarkable young man, and his “Journey” was deeply moving. John is going to be very busy!”

Marc Engel
Program Chair
Rotary Club of Kitchener

“John’s presentation is not just an incredible story but it’s the way he weaves his story to engage and challenge his audience that captivates.

For PricewaterhouseCoopers employees John set the stage for our conference.

This presentation is a winner!”

Kevin Robertson
Tax Services partner PwC

“John’s captivating style and the power and passion of his message had us transfixed. His inspiring and deeply moving story about his experiences on the road across Canada was a magnificent opener for the DFK International Annual Conference.”

Martin Sharp
Executive Director DFK International
London England

“The Sunshine Foundation of Canada was thrilled to have John Davidson as our closing keynote speaker at our annual conference. John’s presentation was a great reminder to all of us that there is no mountain too big or scary.”

The Sunshine Foundation

“I always believe that we meet people in this life not by chance but by purpose… John is one of those people!! The message of Jesse’s Journey will inspire you and create a stir deep within you to find your purpose and make a difference in the lives of others.”

Adeline Thomson
Advocis Banff School

“John Davidson’s inspiring presentation was the perfect ending to our Red Cross Youth Leadership Conference. Between the tears and the laughter, we were all captivated. The audience felt the presentation was done specifically for them!”

Red Cross Youth Leadership Conference

“Many speakers will say their presentation is unique. Most are not.

John Davidson does have a ‘one-of-a-kind’ presentation.

Taylor made to fit the client’s needs, this skillful storyteller engaged all of us at Oriana Financial Group by igniting the spark of possibility within each of us. This presentation definitely brought new meaning to the words ‘corporate team.’ “

Dan Prentice
Oriana Financial Group of Canada Ltd

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John Davidson, Keynote Speaker

John Davidson, Keynote Speaker

Professional Speaker, John Davidson


John Davidson, Keynote SpeakerLet’s go to work and find out how we can bring out the best in the ‘ordinary dad’ or ‘ordinary mom’ in you.

Together we can look closely, think deeply and persist calmly in moving that promise that is inside of you, to where it’s front and centre on the drawing board. We can place that promise where you can see it every day and it can guide you to where you want to go.
Isn’t it time to do just that?

And remember – you are never too young to make a promise and you are never too old to see that promise fulfilled!

I’d be happy to bring added value to your organization’s next conference or meeting. Give me a call at (519) 709-6484 or e-mail me at: John@OrdinaryDad.ca

John Davidson