John and Jesse in Ripley’s Believe it or Not.
The Olympic Committee selection of John and Jesse as torch bearers.
Whenever you need to re-focus your life, think back to something really important to you.
When the going gets tough, you have to be the strongest link in the chain.
Christmas Eve with the Olympic torch in 2009. Carrying the flame for Jesse.
Home coming. After 120 days on the road, John Davidson reaches London, Ontario, with five more months on the road still to come.
A beautiful royal smile. John and Jesse Davidson meet Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.
Jesse Davidson in the Ottawa office of Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.
The long and winding road. John and Jesse in Northern Ontario are captured in this painting by Canadian artist Ken Jackson.
Day number one in Newfoundland. At this point I’m closer to Ireland than Vancouver.
John and Jesse in 1995. The more passionate you are, the more people will listen.
A proud moment for a dad. Seeing Jesse receive the Order of Ontario at Queens Park in Toronto.
Centre ice for a boy who didn't skate.

Shaking Hands along the road.
Some days took a very long time.
First Ontario and then Canada — Two journeys for one dad.

Skydome and opening night at Maple Leaf Gardens. A thrill for a youngster who was never on a baseball team or a hockey team.

Pushing Jesse up the hill into
Terrace Bay, Ontario.

Stepping into British Columbia. I didn’t come to the tenth province to quit.
Canada Day in Ottawa – The Governor General recognizing John and Jesse for their efforts.

Day 225 – The most difficult day on
the road in crossing Canada.
Why I did what I did. Stay with me, I need six minutes of your life.
Hockey Night in Canada – Toronto Maple Leaf legend Darryl Sittler commenting on the book, Jesse’s Journey – A Canadian Story.
John Davidson, Keynote Speaker

John Davidson, Keynote Speaker


Professional Speaker, John Davidson



John Davidson, Keynote SpeakerThe words of American poet Robert Frost have touched millions of people and they ring as true today as the day they were written.

“But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep.”

American Poet — Robert Frost

The promises we keep generate respect and build a bond of trust. Our promises are often reflected in the pictures we have in our minds. These are the pictures of our struggles and our triumphs no matter how many miles we had to go.

Lasting relationships are built on a foundation of trust. Trust is made up of promises that are kept by never giving up.

Successful people know that when they make a promise, their resolve is unshakeable. I’ve learned what it means to go the distance in keeping a promise.

You have a chance to share the road with me and create your pictures. It’s a chance to learn what it means to persevere and face life’s daily challenges. When we reach our goal, you’ll find the journey has been worthwhile, and you’ll be a better person for making the journey. You’ll be ready to take on what comes next in your life.

We can move you forward to where you discover how to keep taking your life’s pictures, on the road to keeping your promises.

We can get those promises back on track on the road to completion. We can find the key to developing the pictures you want to have in your mind, to guide you to where you’re going.

I look forward to the bringing genuine added value to your organization’s next conference. If I can help you on your journey, give me a call at (519) 709-6484 or e-mail me at:

I’ll look forward to speaking with you!

John Davidson